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October 19

Burning Smell From AC? Common Causes and How to Fix It

Burning smells are among the last odors that you want coming out of your air conditioner. Several factors can play a role in that burning… View Article Read More

September 13

Why Your Heat Pump Freezes Up in the Summer

Heat pumps are extremely efficient and an excellent option for heating your house in the winter and keeping it cool all summer long. As with… View Article Read More

Furnace repair in LOUISVILLE, KY
August 10

What Is Causing My Furnace to Have a Burning Smell?

You have just turned on your furnace for the first time in the fall or winter and are met immediately with an odd burning smell…. View Article Read More

Indoor Air Quality in Louisville, KY
July 21

Selecting the Appropriate Vents to Open During Winter

When winter arrives, it’s natural to crave warmth and comfort within the confines of your home. But have you ever stopped to consider that the… View Article Read More

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June 13

Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Making You Sick

Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is important for good health. Sometimes, household appliances, like air conditioners, can pose health risks. Air conditioners provide comfort but… View Article Read More

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair
May 15

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

As the weather starts to heat up, the last thing you want to deal with is a malfunctioning air conditioner. Your AC system plays a… View Article Read More

April 12

Why Does My Home’s Temperature Not Match the Thermostat Reading?

For the end user, HVAC systems are simple to use. All you must do is set the temperature you want in your home, and the… View Article Read More

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March 15

How Long Does It Take to Replace an Air Conditioner?

When we consult with customers about installing a replacement air conditioner, we often get asked how long the whole process will take. AC units and… View Article Read More

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February 14

Reasons Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Mildew and How to Prevent It

The Louisville area typically experiences humid summer weather, and this humidity can easily lead to mildew starting to grow on different parts of your AC… View Article Read More

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January 20

What Causes Water to Leak From a Furnace When the AC Is On?

Noticing water leaking out of your furnace or pooling up on the floor around it when your AC is running can be quite scary and… View Article Read More