It’s time to consider a yearly heating tune-up in Shepherdsville, KY. If you neglect your heat pump or furnace for too long, it may break down this winter or next winter, leaving you uncomfortable and perhaps even forcing you to buy a new system. On the other hand, heating maintenance can not only prevent major breakdowns but also save you money throughout each heating season.

Here’s a rundown of how a tune-up will benefit you. First, it ensures energy-efficient performance, which translates to lower energy costs each month and longevity for the various components inside your system. Your furnace or heat pump will last the full 15 or 20 years that it’s meant to. In addition, you won’t need to deal with such common issues as short-cycling, low air pressure, and uneven heating. A well-maintained heater can also indirectly keep your indoor air clean. Lastly, annual maintenance will convince a manufacturer that you’re taking care of your system, so your warranty will stay valid.